Guidelines for Presenters

Oral presenters

A scientific session is 90 minutes. The presenters’ allotted time depends on the number of speakers in their session. Please refer to the suggested presentation times below.
  • 3 speakers – 22 minutes
  • 4 speakers – 17 minutes
  • 5 speakers – 12 minutes
  • 6 speakers – 10 minutes

To confirm the number of speakers in your session, please refer to the Program Book and search for your name or session title.


  1. The presentations are pre-recorded to avoid internet connection issues or technical difficulties. Please record your presentation within your allotted time so other speakers will have enough time to present.
  2. Please ensure you have sent your video presentation to the Secretariat before the conference. Live presentations without prior arrangements with the organizers will not be accommodated.
  3.  Virtual presenters are requested to join the live Q and A via Zoom link shared by the Secretariat. If you have not received the link until one day before your session, please email


  1. Session Room- Refer to your session title in the Program timetable and floor plan to know your session room and location in the venue.
  2. Presentation slides- if you have not submitted your presentation slides in advance via email, you may share your slides in the AV room (M Floor) through an external drive 2hrs before your session starts.
    Presentation specifications
    Make sure your PowerPoint presentation is in a 16:9 ratio. The standard 4:3 format will work, but it will not fill the entire screen when in presentation mode.
    - There is no number of slides limit, but make you present within your allotted time
    - The LED projector size at the venue is 4.7 x2.8m
    - Videos must be embedded in the PowerPoint (No links to YouTube or other websites)
    - We will use Windows 10 OS and Microsoft Office 2021. Please check if your slide is compatible with these specifications and that the font you use is available in Windows 10.
  3. Before your presentation- if you are not sure whether you meet the presentation specifications, we recommend speakers visit the AV room 2hrs before your presentation to check that their slides are working as intended.

    Please arrive in your session room 10 minutes before your session starts so the technical staff can set you up with microphones and other arrangements. You may also use this extra time to coordinate with the chairperson to clarify any matters you may have.
  4. Livestream and recording- The presentations of in-person speakers will be live-streamed to virtual participants and will be recorded to be available as VOD post-conference. However, the recordings will not be shared as VOD without your consent.

IMPORTANT: Please confirm if you allow or do not allow your presentation files and video to be available as video on demand (VOD) by completing the consent form.